We don’t just shoot real estate.  We also work with a number of government and commercial agencies to capture events, projects and workshops. We also support local businesses and hotels to promote their services.

Event + Commercial Photography.


A lot of time and effort goes into hosting an event, so it makes sense to make sure you maximise the marketing potential once the event is over.

We can capture your event and provide you with a range of quality marketing materials for use on social platforms, brochures and your website.

We have worked with many large and small businesses – seasoned and start ups, and community groups to professionally capture their events.


We will discreetly capture images of your event using high end cameras. We will use a variety of lenses to capture wide and close shots.  And we will expertly edit your images and add any logos or marketing information you require.


Nothing beats a well put together video that tells the story of your event. We will combine still video recorders and gimbal recorders to ensure we capture all the important moments.

We will edit your video to suit a variety of formats and purposes.

We have access to a large range of quality royalty free music and will hand pick the music to suit your video.


Do you have a project that you would like to have documented?  We are experienced at capturing both large and small scale projects such as building developments, bridge builds and demolition.

Nothing beats a well put together video that tells the story of your project – from start to finish or anything in between. 

Hotels and Showrooms.

We really enjoy working with local businesses to help showcase and promote themselves and their services.

Showcasing a new showroom through photos and videos is a great way to generate interest and bring new clients.

We work with local hotels to create marketing for websites and social platforms.  Not only do we provide outstanding images of rooms, restaurants and amenities, but we ensure they have the lifestyle vibe covered too.