You don’t get a second chance at a first impression! Photographs of a home provide the first connection with potential buyers, so it is vital that the images are eye-catching and accurate. We sometimes refer to what we do as “glamour photography for homes” ….. we build on the EXISTING foundations and make them shine!


Day Photography.

Real Estate Photography is more than just point and shoot! Capturing beautiful images that showcase the best features of a home requires the right equipment, a good eye and an understanding of what will make the listing stand out and catch the eye of potential buyers.

We use high end professional equipment to highlight elements that appeal to buyers. Light filled living spaces, large open living areas, versatile kitchens and bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces – our goal is to showcase the home in its best light. 

We will often ask the home owner “what made you buy this home?” as that is likely to be what appeals to potential buyers.

Homes with professional images:

  • get more attention from potential buyers, and
  • sell quicker than those without and tend to sell for higher prices.

One of the key attractions to living in Batemans Bay is our relaxed lifestyle and fabulous climate.  But sometimes the weather isn’t on our side.  As we are based right here in Batemans Bay, we offer a flexible approach, which means, if the weather on the day of your shoot isn’t great, we’ll call back and get your view, external or drone shots on a nicer day – at no extra charge.

Twilight Photography.

Often referred to as the “golden hour”, photographers from all genres love shooting at sunrise and sunset; and real estate photographers are no different.

It’s the time of day where the harsh shadows disappear, and the warm even light hugs the home; the sky changes to display some truly beautiful hues that create a sense of romance that can really make the home stand out.

Images of a home at twilight can create an emotional connection with buyers. All of sudden they can picture themselves coming home to their family as the day draws to a close and relaxing as the sun goes down.

Here in the Batemans Bay we are lucky enough to experience some of the best sunsets in the world *, so it makes sense to make the most of the natural wonder and use it to make the home stand out.

And since nothing beats the real thing, a twilight shoot is one of our premium services.

  • Offers an extra “wow factor” for properties
  • Nothing beats the real thing

But of course, we can also work a little magic and create a digital twilight image from an existing image.

* This statement is made with 100% bias on our part.